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    Well, in all honesty, this information is only even going to be vaguely interesting if you've looked at any other part of the site and give a fat foo about any of it.  I'm perfectly willing to allow that you might not, if you ever managed to find the site in the first place, since I'm not anywhere near narcissistic enough to promote it.

    So, the fact of the matter is, I've actually had a web site for years.  It's been through at least three standard deviations, at this point -- and multiple minor edits.  In part because it's gotten somewhat out of hand, I've decided to reorganize it and attempt to keep the original content (updated, in some cases) but make it a little more intuitive, sensible, fill in the blank.  Because I am a tad compulsive and can never leave anything alone.

    There are several main bodies of 'work' (I don't sell any of it, but it requires the same time and effort as if I did, so technically it's work) in this archive.  There's verse, fiction (actually, samples of longer works), and rants.  There is, too, the ever popular miscellaneous category, for inside jokes you won't get or more compulsiveness that resulted in something reasonably entertaining.

    There also will be a weblog (blog) at some point, dealing with all the animal stuff on a more routine basis -- I'd like to say a daily basis, but I know doggoned well there's no way I'll do entries every single day.  I haven't done that since I was a high-school freshman, and had to do it for nine weeks as part of my grade in an English class.  Even at that, I seem to recall I spent two nights at the end of the grading period faking entries to make it look like I'd been interested enough in the minutiae of a fifteen-year-old's life (even my own) to write about it every single freaking day.  Oh, and my life as an individual is so much more interesting now, twenty-five years later.  Right.

    Enough self-deprecation, though -- I have this sort of bottomless well of it.  But if I thought absolutely nothing of myself, or anything I'd ever thought or accomplished, I wouldn't bother with a web site.  Right?  C'mon, work with me, here.

    Below, you will find an index of links to the assorted personal sections.  Live long and prosper.

Link Description
Poetry Page Poetry written since 1995.  I really need to update this, but I haven't done it lately.  Trust me, once I get going on it, it'll get done.
Fiction Excerpts Excerpts from various longer works.  There are so many -- I've been writing novel-length fiction since the early eighties -- and as with the poetry, I might as well update.  Someday.
Miscellaneous MMMM.  Miscellaneous.  Full of ambiguous somethingness.
Rantage Assorted semi-literate, semi-coherent rants about things I know a fair dink about, like the music bidness.
Weblog About two adult humans living in a house full of furry four-leggers.  Four cats ranging in age between two years and seven and one quite fruffy ostensibly Pomeranian dog who somehow has managed to attain the impressive weight of 22 pounds without being fat.  So yeah -- we're pretty hairy, too, and Max (the Giant Pomeranian) isn't fat at all.  Really.

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