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Oh, sure.  You trawl around on the web and you see all these personal web sites.  As with writing, you probably at least have the thought flit through your mind, 'huh -- I could do better than that.'  Well, for my two bits, you're perfectly welcome to give it a shot.  There probably are people out there whose lives are more interesting than mine.  But it's all in the presentation.  If you've spent twenty years stalking the wild purple pheasant, but less than ten minutes learning to write a coherent sentence or follow the basic rules of grammar for any known living language, or even if your writing is technically acceptable but you know zilch about telling a story, the odds are good that people are going to click on the link for your site and, unless they also are compulsive about the wild purple pheasant, they're going to say, 'huh -- what a dumb-ass' or 'Zzzzzzz' and go back to playing a Tetris Java applet on somebody else's game site.



I'll grant you I've never made any money off a web site -- it's never the intention, anyway, when I write or revamp this one.  It's more like the vamp band on Bob and Ray.  Oh, you know what I mean -- it never really goes anywhere, but it's cookin' like Julia Child on the way there.


S'anyway, have a look around.  There's some pictures and stuff, and some ranting, and a lot of stuff about the animals who live in this house who don't have thumbs or bring home paychecks every other week.  See below.



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All text and photographs in the section of this domain are created by and the sole property of the operator of this site; please ask permission before "appropriating" intellectual property for your profit.  Which is to say, if I ain't in it for the money, you ain't usin' it for money, either, at least not without asking.  MN2K3

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