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    Because I started doing my own damned web page back when I was still on AOL -- probably 1995 or so, long before most people had the hubris to start their own public   And back then, the Internet was pretty much two things -- a place for technical information on university web servers and individuals' mental Onanism.  And oh, yeah, I did some of that, over the years.  Now, you're lucky if your mental jerking around results in nothing more.  Hell, Crisco Johnny might be reading it, this very moment, putting one of us on the enemies list, and all that.  Who's to say?

    So, anyway.  Here's some rants on things.  I can't guarantee quality -- this stuff dates back several years, and sometimes the grape and the grain affect the quality.  But if you don't like it, there's probably a 'home' button on your browser that will enable you to go back to MSNBC or somewhere that's Mommy-soothing to your narrow little soul.  It's okay, baby.


It's like dancing about architecture.  Or something like that.

If Video Killed the Radio Star ... what was it killed the movie star?