Miscellaneous Mental Gymnastics

I ain't got no cute li'l stick figger guy with a shovel and one-a them hard hats, but I guess it ain't a prerequisite to have nothin' like that just so's I let you know this is my 'wishful thinking' page -- like I wish I was still thinking, after all these years.   Oh, yeah -- and some of these links might not have anything because they are (c'mon, everybody let's say it together) UNDER CONSTRUCTION.

The Nowikowskis in this particular location -- Kettering, Ohio -- are both high-mentality underachievers.  On a good day, we'd both qualify for MENSA.  However, we have chosen to turn our discretionary mental time to more evil pastimes.  Well, not evil in the biblical sense, just in the 'how could you make me start thinking about that?   You're EVIL!' sense.  It's a known fact obsessive/compulsive people make lists.  And we do.  It's a mostly harmless endeavor, and keeps us from drinking more than we already do.  Curious?  Fish on.



This is a list we started on when we went on vacation in the fall of '99, to Toronto.  There's a plethora of rock and roll songs with counts incorporated into them -- you know, the old 'free-four' as Pink Floyd called it, basically someone counting off either the introduction, the last beats before a solo, or the re-entry from a solo or bridge into the rest of a song.  This list does not include really obscure stuff, like live versions or bootlegs, and most of the artists are ones we both listen to.  There may be some with whom you're not familiar -- or you may have some we've missed.  By all means use the 'mailto' links above for the trivia to suggest more -- we're kinda' arbitrary about what we include, but I'd be happy to add to the list!



Bands.  A whole laundry list of them.  Most of whom showed one or two brief moments of semi-brilliance and are now writing theme songs for shows on Canadian television or something.  The ones who aren't dead, that is.  Just stuff I like about which I haven't thought of anything even vaguely personal to write, let along original.



Just exactly how bad was AM radio in the seventies?  Are you a "tweener" -- not quite a Baby Boomer, but too old for GenerationX?  Or even a young Boomer, I guess, for that matter.  Do you remember hearing incredibly lame mainstream pop songs (very largely ear candy and California studio crud) on a tinny little AM radio until you could have yakked?   WARNING -- if you're one of those people who gets songs they hate stuck in their heads, don't read this list, or you'll hate my guts.