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The Equipment

Because some people give a hoo-hah.  I have three cameras on which all the pictures on this site were taken:  my baby, a Nikon FG (an early-80s hybrid with a really nice electronic light metering system that beats the crap out of the newer Nikon N60 I plunked down the money for a few years back).  The not-well-liked N60, which isn't much more than an expensive, oversized 'idiot camera.'  Because I'm a relative Luddite about the technology, that's why.  Also an early-gen Olympus D-460 autofocus-zoom digital that's only a 1.3 megapixel ... but for slapping pics up on the Web, who needs 5 megapixels?  Currently, the photos taken with the analog cameras are scanned on a Visioneer scanner, but that may change in the not-too-distant future.  I'm in the 'drooling' stage over the new HP scanner with the slide/print feeder, at this point.  That usually comes a few weeks before the 'getting out my wallet and crying' stage.



I don't know -- I suppose I've met people who were even more hopelessly attached to both the technology and social covenant of always having a camera affixed to their faces. Somebody had to get me hooked on it in the first place. But I do like the perceived anonymity and the excuse having an impressive-looking hunk of technology welded to my orbit lends to my presence. People will get out of your way, and they won't interrupt you, if you appear to be in the middle of something with a camera in your hand. Maybe they're afraid you'll turn it on them ...

But, then, I don't ordinarily take pictures of people.  Mostly it's the house pets, architecture and landscapes.  I don't possess the natural gregariousness required to stick my camera into the faces of strangers -- or, perhaps more importantly, the bold-face nerve to take pictures of them whether they know it or not.

The links below will take you to the photo areas of this site.  Though there's a link to the menagerie page from the intro, there's one here, too, just in case you found this page instead of the front.  I intend to add more images to the "gallery" as time permits and motivation encourages.



The Nowikowski Menagerie

The assorted pets/companions/familiars within the Nowikowski household.  Want to know what it's like for two humans to share a suburban tri-level with five domestic pets?  Ah -- look at it anyway, there's lots of pictures.



Old School Buildings

I wouldn't for one moment have anybody believe I actually enjoyed school.  Don't get me wrong -- obviously I was good at English -- it wasn't school itself that was the problem.  It was all those stupid, fascist, borderline sadistic little juveniles I had to share it with.  Consequently, I have nothing against school buildings.  Feh -- anyway, go have a look.



Las Cruces, NM

This one's just a fairly ordinary family vacation -- and, at that, mostly just the shots that were taken on the digital (an Olympus D-460, a fairly early generation 'idiot digital' at that).  There are other photos, taken with my trusty Nikons, that will eventually be scanned and included.


Sarnia, Ontario

Our trip to Sarnia for the Bayfest 2003 concerts and musings on culture and detritus, both of which the U.S.'s is at this point. Thanks, sanctimonious Republicans!  Bawk, Bawk!

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