Gravity works through Gord's butt, which must be attached to a human being as often as possible in order for gravity to function properly.  Just ask him.

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Lap Fungus, that is.

When she was a kitten, Tink used to like to take advantage of a lap from time to time.   But after her adventure out in the mean streets of Clermont County, and her spay, and the two weeks Tony and I spent out of town for our honeymoon when she was a year old, she had pretty much lost all interest.

Doodle never really did like being on our laps frequently, her favorite pastime was curling up into a donut every time one of us crouched to do something like tie our shoes or get a glass off a lower shelf in the cabinet.

Gord, however, is king of the lap fungi.

He especially loves to camp if one of us is working on the computer, really engrossed in what we're doing.  It seems to be most entertaining for him if the digs aren't ideal -- if I have the keyboard shelf pulled all the way out across my legs, for example, or if Tony's got a magazine on his lap.

It's not really a complaint, though.  It's been a while since I had a cat who liked to get on my lap, and Tony had never lived with cats before we got Tink.

I'm guessing from the way Gord behaves, he's not much used to having the option either.

He's a very sweet cat who clearly appreciates everything except for the fact he can't eat himself into a bloated-up orange bowling ball.  Even that doesn't seem to disturb him unduly.  He's usually willing to go sleep somewhere, if food isn't imminent.



Age: Unknown, estimated birth date spring 1998

Type/Coloring: DSH red mackerel tabby

Weight: 15.0#, or thereabouts

Circumstances: Adopted from SICSA shelter, Dayton, Ohio -- was a found stray.

What?  You weren't sitting here.  So sue me.
Give him a smoking jacket, he's Cary Grant.  Except for the tail, of course.

The page in the typewriter may very well say, "help.  The humans are insane."  It also may simply say, "FEED ME."

Gord was an adoption from an animal shelter where Tony and I volunteer here in Montgomery County/Greater Dayton -- SICSA (Society for the Improvement of Conditions for Stray Animals).  SICSA is a donor supported, not-for-profit shelter in suburban Dayton, Ohio.   SICSA shelters both cats and dogs from the surrounding area, using the facilities and an extensive foster network, to rehabilitate, socialize and rehome strays and dumped cats and dogs.  But that's all on their web site.

Part of my volunteer commitment is kenneling and visiting with the cats on the premises on Monday nights.  I like cats or I wouldn't have three of them and enjoy my volunteering so much, but I don't become personally attached to all the cats I deal with.  I care for them all, but there's something different with some cats, a sort of personality bond.  Gord was one of them.  He spent most of his time at SICSA in an upper cage in the display area, where potential adopters look at cats and screen with the fosters, employees and volunteers to determine whether they can provide a suitable home.

When he came in, either the person who had brought him -- someone in the swanky Dayton suburb of Oakwood, on whose porch he had turned up, and who had fed him until SICSA had room for him -- or someone at the shelter had named him Flame.  As you can see, it was a descriptive, if generic, name.  Gord was so lonely, by the time Tony and I adopted him and took him home, he had rubbed all the fur off behind his ears nuzzling against the wire cage when people stopped to talk to him.

Because he was in the upper cage for so long, he reminded us of the Ranger Gord character from CBC's "The Red Green Show."    Hence the name -- though I'm not sure Gord ever actually had a name, and he certainly doesn't answer to much other than the rattle of the Iams bag up in the kitchen -- the clatter of kibble in the stainless steel dish. 

Ah, well.  It was worth a try.

The one and only time any of the three cats has ever used this cardboard scratcher.

Issocyoot! Awww.

SNMT (single neutered male tabby) redhead, teddy bear, seeks warm blanket for meaningful relationship.